Book by E.B. Snyder cooming soon!
(come hell or high water.)

"Bad Men"

A multifaceted look at criminal acts and the men who commit them over a three week period in the life of Luke Cannon, former mixed martial arts fighter turned criminal. As Luke struggles with leaving the past behind him, the people from his past are struggling with being left behind. However, none struggle greater than Eric Peters, who in their last encounter was kicked duct-taped from the edge of a pier as Luke stood idly by. After being rescued from a watery grave, Eric is determined to get what he feels he is owed from Luke. However, once Eric’s plans fall contingent on those of the snitches, users, dealers, and killers surrounding Luke, the already desperate man becomes uneasy. Although they are all at odds with each other, the characters in this book have one thing in common; they are bad men.  

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