Links for Readers and Writers Alike
Konrath is the author of the Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels thriller series and Jack Kilborn novels. This is on my blog list, but as much as I use and reference it, it’s worth a second mention here. Great information for those looking to self-publish their manuscript via ebook. Equally great information for those still doubting the ebook or self-publishing writers.
Writers, put this on your self-editing checklist. This was recommended to me by Samhain Author, Denise Tompkins and now I pass it on to you. is manuscript editing software with a free online wizard. It checks your work more extensively than spell check. A full version is available for purchase. I personally like the free version for this blog.
Author of, The Nitecliff Evolutions series and The Key Guardians series. Also on my blog list but a wealth of information is available for writers and is a great read too. It too is worth a second mention. Also, I can’t say enough nice things about Denise personally. I met her at a writer’s conference and she gave the best presentation I’ve seen to date. She has great books! Buy them!
This site has over 12,000 free ebooks as well as tons more indie ebooks for a very small cost. Lots of good reads available and you don’t have to have an eReader. Most of the books can be purchased in PDF format and printed out. Also great for writers looking to publish via ebook.
Writing a novel? Short story? Need info about publishing? Most of what I know about writing and publishing I learned here.
The blog of some of my favorite authors including Marcus Sakey and Jamie Frevelletti. A great read.