Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Writing Links

Something I’ve been wanting to on FictionDish since I’ve started it is adding a permanent link section. Unfortunately with the time I spend writing, blogging, working, eating, sleeping, (less of the latter two) what time I have left I commit to staying married. I thought today’s post would be a great time to bring up some of those links that could be useful in utilizing some of this doses of advice. Here goes:
Reference.com I’ve used this link since I’ve started writing. There is a thesaurus, dictionary, and encyclopedia. Perfect to keep open when you’re writing so when the right word just isn’t coming you aren’t stopping to flip through the pages of a paper reference book.
Autocrit.com This is a dandy little gadget recommended via blogging by Denise Tompkins. You just copy and paste your work into this automated editor and it points out thing spellcheck misses. You can pay for a membership or you can use the free trial which is handy if you’re working on a short story. You’ll still need edit yourself and have another look over your work, but it gets part of the job done.
Denisetompkins.net Denise is an Urban Fantasy writer and damn good at it. She has a wealth of advice to share with young authors and dishes it out on a weekly to bi-weekly bases on her blog. While you’re there, pick up her eBook, Legacy. I can’t put it down.
jakonrath.blogspot.com Several words: JA Konrath’s blog is amazing! If you are a writer, you should be reading this blog. JA Konrath, former traditionally published author left to self-publish and make’s a very convincing argument for eBooks and self-publishing. Right now his blog is hosting a series of guest post from other self-publishing authors. Straightforward and sometimes a little shocking, you can’t help but love it.
Writersdigest.com So much of the knowledge I’ve acquired was from this site. If I have a question about writing or publishing the first place I go is generally the search box on this site. A wealth of information. A wealth of resources.
Marcussakey.com One of my favorite thiller writers. Offers alot of information on the writing process as well as getting published in his FAQs.

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